Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Learn Chinese From Me

Basic sentences in English with Chinese Translation:

When you spill tea on your lap you say..
C: tee on mai nee

How do you invite someone to your marriage?
c: Du cum to mai dum dum dum.

How do you say it when you need to attend nature's call?
c: Ai wan tu go tu loo tu poo.

A donkey is little or no growth of brain is called..
c: Dum don qi

When you come across across something disgusting.
c: Chee chee waah

When someone has not bathed for days you say
c: yu stin kin lyk dung

How does the baby say when it is hungry
c: quan quan

How do you say that you are hungry
c: Mum mee ai wan mum mum

When a ruler of a country is smitten with a girl
c: king yees sai ting

Bird is called
c: sum ting wit wing

When you bid farewell to friends you say
c: tah tah bai bai si yu

When a cute guy does you a favour you say
c: Cho chu weeet

Any doubt pls feel free to ask

(inspired from something I read somewhere)


Mighty Mani said...

ya ya
au du yu thaink dis

how did u ever possibly think like this
good going

Suchithra said...

priyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!.................................... MUDIYALA!!!

Priya said...

@ Mani
I was born born with a china spoon.

tan qing yu

Poramaila ponga vendam!

jack sparrow said...

asathitta priya..

waah waah

Lalitha S said...

it was really nice...