Friday, March 26, 2010

Do-It-Yourself Nose Surgery.

Tired of your old ,probably deformed,nose... get a new one with Coco's Beautiful New nose clip.
Walk around with this clip and you can accelerate the nose-altering process.Just a few months of torture and you can have that dream schnozzer or your nose might just drop off due to restricted blood flow-Nose-altered anyway.Japanese breakthru technology now at your doorstep ...right on your nose.Why bother with Rhinoplasty? Just put up with looking like a drainage cleaner who forgot to take the nose-clips off.

This one is only for little noses(not fair).But what more it is 'Stink proof'

Go straighten that deviated septum of yours n get raving reviews on your nose!
Wish michael Jackson knew this product.. could've saved a lot of money.Hey what's with the Nasal pop genre.

Use Nose-up today.. and keep your nose full of happiness.Hurry-up! You could be the first person to die of chronic-breathlessness.

Next Product Endorsement: Nostril enlargening strips. Coming up.


venkateshwaran said...
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plastic surgery said...

nose surgery is by no means a simple cosmetic procedure. Nasal contouring for men is distinctly different from that of women. It demands great skill and experience on behalf of the performing plastic surgeon to bring about the perfect masculine structure to the nose.

Anonymous said...

Are both Jaihe and Coco nose ups the same as NoseRight?
Because nose right slims the nose, and can reduce bulbous nose tips (well i think)
And do the nose clips come with instructions on how to use?

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p.s: i would like as much info on these clips as possible so tell me what you know please.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Do these things work?
do they come with instructions
can they lower/alter the hieght of a nose bridge?
minimize the fattiness of a bulbous tip?
slim the nosebridge?
which one is better jaihe or coco? or the noseright?
where can I buy? from the UK

thank you.
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nosesurgery said...

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